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The BI360 Data Gateway is used to connect to the on-premise gateway application to access files and data located on-premises. Use the connector to access the configured data sources. The connector displays a dropdown of available source systems.

About BI360 Integration

This is not an integration. Gateway is a feature to connect to on-premise data.

Because BI360 modules are pre-built and configurable by business users, BI360 takes less time to implement compared to other CPM suites:

  • BI360 is available for cloud and on-premise deployment
    • Cloud =  Available with Data Warehouse 
  • Easy-to-use Excel interface for report and form design
  • Modern web portal for easy access, anywhere, anytime
  • BI360 comes with an easy-to-use Data Warehouse that can be managed by business users
  • Third party solutions, for example Microsoft Power BI, can easily integrate to BI360